Today’s business environments require a single, integrated IP network that appropriately prioritises different types of traffic and supports end-user access to business applications across the enterprise anyplace, anytime.

The flexible nature of our digital services gateway means that our pan-regional network is a combination of our own as well as strategic partner points of presence, with international transit provided via submarine cables to data centre PoP locations in multiple countries. Wherever our clients need to be, we can get them connected.

The choice of last mile carrier access may vary per market depending on site location and service requirements. Our digital services gateway caters for multiple connections into the managed networks service environment, and the architecture allows independence from any single service provider.

We also cater specifically for wholesale clients with a range of competitively priced, rapid deployment services offered via our Mauritius Wholesale business.

Last Mile


We offer one of Africa’s largest fibre networks, provisioned via on-net points of presence as well as extensive reseller agreements and partnerships on the ground. Whether our clients need dedicated internet access (DIA), a private leased line, or a high quality and reliable broadband connection, we have a suitable fibre solution.


Our wireless services include both licensed and unlicensed spectrum across markets, for direct point to point, and point to multipoint connections from 1Mbps to 400Mbps, as well as dedicated or shared broadband internet services leveraging various connectivity mediums such as microwave, WiMAX and cellular, including 3G, 4G and LTE. Wireless solutions are quick to deploy, offer back-up and redundancy for fibre links and are suitable for backhaul transmission.


We offer a range of VSAT solutions including Ka, Ku and C-Band services across Africa providing high network availability and reliability. VSAT solutions are available for a variety of use cases including standard broadband, dedicated capacity for custom solutions and mobile backhaul, backup links for alternative connections, ATM connections, CCTV and IoT deployments in remote locations.

Managed Networks

Software-Defined Networks

Software-defined, managed network services are designed to deliver the autonomy, flexibility, agility and central control that businesses need to achieve their desired business outcomes in an ever changing technologically driven world.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) dominated the managed network space for more than 20 years. While they certainly address a range of networking requirements, VPNs can be cumbersome, difficult to scale, expensive to run due to different pricing structures for different traffic types and priorities, and at high risk of security breaches.

Organisations generally outsource the commissioning and management of their VPNs to a third party due to the complexity as well as to try and achieve some scale on the back of a partner’s infrastructure. The obvious downside is that companies lose the ability to control their networks and to respond to the pace of change required by their users as businesses jostle to remain relevant in highly competitive markets.

Software-defined networking puts the control back where it belongs – within the client organisation. Our offering takes that a step further by approaching the solution design based on the business outcomes our clients want to achieve. Rather than the focus being on what switches, routers, connection mediums and security devices to deploy, our digital services gateway allows clients to specify the type of user experience and service level each of their locations need, and we take care of the rest.

We design the solution based on all the important basics, including superior user experience and network performance; protection from threats; application control; URL filtering; anti-virus; intrusion prevention system; SSL inspection; prioritised business critical traffic; end to end encryption; and application SLA monitoring.

We deploy the most fit for purpose back-end technology components, commissioned on our digital services gateway and delivered as an integrated managed networking solution that is agile, flexible, robust and secure. Our clients can control the performance of their network via a centralised console, ensuring that they are able to respond to the changing needs of their users, equipping them with the best tools to service their customers.

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